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DO NOT Care for Jewels


GRINGAS Jewels are made of 18-carat gold (we don't make gold baths, nor do we use any jewelry material) so they DO NOT need special care, gold will always look the same, even if you wet it, throw perfume, go to the gym or a crazy party... but for those that are composed of natural stones or other materials, yarn type, leather etc.

  • Avoid a lot of contact with water in cases where jewel apart from gold is composed of other materials such as yarn laces, fabrics, natural stones.
  • Avoid contact of your jewel with cosmetic or/and household products, as they sometimes contain some ingredients that can damage the color of stones or other materials other than gold, if worn type laces, etc.
  • For cleaning, gently rinse them with warm water and then dry them with suede skin or a soft cloth.
  • Check the fasteners frequently.
  • Do not expose Gringas jewellery to sudden temperature changes
  • For proper preservation, it is preferable that you store your Gringas products individually in their original cases, as they are prepared to protect your jewelry. If you opt for a jeweler, try to keep them in a separate compartment of other pieces in case they can grasp with the rub. Try to keep the chains closed and placed flat to prevent knot formation.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by sending an email to info@gringas.