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We create Gringas because there was no online jewelry that gathered everything we were looking for: 18-carat gold jewellery (not jewelry, not gold baths), beautiful and affordable. Real jewelry. The usual one, but now.
We had been looking for slow, non-ephemeral, comfortable and special jewels for a long time, with which we could, for example, bathe in the sea without spoiling, forgetting that we are wearing them.
In addition, we wanted versatile jewelry that would adapt to any moment and that we could wear them all our lives.
It was so hard to find them, that we set out to design and select beautiful jewels.
They are made with care, in 18-carat gold and are designed so that, if you want, you don't take them off.
We're Anabel and Mara. We met studying an MBA and we were joined by traveling in the opposite direction of the march in an AVE Sevilla – Madrid.

Since then, we're sisters, not Siamese, but almost. And since then, millions of things have happened to us.

We have lived apart thousands of miles away, slept nights in the Sahara Desert without knowing very well how we had gotten there or enjoyed summers in a fixed aimless van. And very important: we've eaten red tarts in London that have given rise to wonderful ideas like GRINGAS

Not to mention loves, heartbreaks or working for years in consulting (experience bears quite a few similarities to master&amor).

· GRINGAS defines us perfectly. It's more us than ourselves.

Social media is carried by Marian. The third sister in crime. And the one that covers us with the blanket when we fell asleep on the couch. She's also the best plan finder on the planet.